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Baby Safety Latches for Windows

Window screens are not babyproofing devices. The mesh will rip or come loose with any type of pressure and child will fall out. Please be sure you use window guards on all windows above the first floor. This will allow you to enjoy the breeze. We also offer an array of windows locks however window barriers are the best line of defense against falls. Consult a professional when choosing the correct window guard for your home.

Extra Tall Window Barrier: This window barrier measures 31″ high and offers extra safety for curious toddlers. It can be used on casement and double-hung windows, and mounts in front of the glass for extra protection. It can be mounted to the front of the window frame or within it. Quick release hardware allows adults to open in case of emergency. Heavy-duty steel style construction fits openings from 28″ to 42 1/2″. Add up to two extension kits for openings up to 63″. (Pricing varies from $89 for the smallest guard to $145 for the largest.)

Double Hung Window Barrier: Again, a must for multi-level homes, the steel bars are closer together than others (3 7/8″ apart; not 4″-5″) and measures 21″H. Use only on single and double hung windows (not sliding, hinged casement, or crank-out windows. Side posts screw mount into your window frame-it’s very easy. Please measure your window widths (frame to frame) before ordering. ($89-$145)

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