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You truly get what you pay for with safety gates. There are hundreds on the market, each with its own price point, level of functionality/convenience, and look. We’ve unearthed the best for child safety, aesthetics, and ease of use. Boo Boo Busters wants to install your gates and be able to never return in order to fix or “tweak” a faulty gate. Our professional advice: do not cut corners with your child safety gates, as you will surely pay for the ineffectiveness of lesser, cheap models with hassle and frustration.

Our child safety consultants are trained to assess your specific gate needs and prescribe the right gate for you and your family.

Here are a few in our selection, categorized by your needs. Please click on one of the links for more information:

Baby Safety Gates

Baby Safety Gates

Baby Safety Gates

Baby Safety Gates

Thinking of Doing-It-Yourself?

Go for it with our less volatile, easier-to-install child safety devices like latches, knob covers or padding. However, leave the gate and window guard installation to the professionals, as improper installation can lead to unnecessary injury and frustrating wall damage.

Don’t Want Ruined Banisters?

Boo Boo Buster’s custom mount kits allow us to attach gates to almost any railing or post. These are custom-made to suit your installation and are painted black or white to match the gate of your choice.

Sleep Training Tip

Time to move to the toddler bed? Use a baby safety gate in the doorway of your child’s room after you move him/her from the crib to a toddler bed. The gate keeps the child in their room and you can still hear him or her call to you when he/she wakes. Otherwise, your toddler will have an unsupervised run of the house while you sleep, which is frightfully dangerous!