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I just received a Gift Certificate for a ‘Professional Child Proofing Consultation; at my baby shower! The gift of safety, love it! Can’t wait to use it, I’ve heard great things about Boo Boo Busters!


So after a long time of my wife begging me to child proof our home, I finally went to the store and purchased what I thought was the best products. Little did I know only 1 out of 8 items worked in my home and I wasted 6 hours of my day trying to make it all work. I finally called you guys and poof, house is child proofed and my wife is happy! Most importantly my son is safe! Thank you Boo Boo Busters!


“Beyond helpful! I have to be honest, at first I was a little skeptical about the idea of a baby proofing company. I mean this sounded like a luxury and we are not the type of people who can afford luxury. That being said after some frustration with not being able to do this myself a friend recommended Boo Boo Busters to me and I reluctantly made the call. I’m so glad I did because they were so kind and helpful with a price that was less than what I would consider luxury. Would definitely recommend and use again!”


Just wanted to say, we sure do LOVE our gate at the top of the stairs. Thank you!


Spoke with the installer at Boo Boo Busters and he was very knowledgeable. They came out to the house and were very clean and professional. My wife and I had them install baby gates. They were fast, affordable and did a great job. We would use them again and would recommend them to other parents

Chris & Yoko

Kimberlee, Rodney was wonderful and did a great job. He worked so hard and so fast, I was amazed! The gates and latches are working wonderfully and it is so nice not to have to worry if they are going to get into something or push the gate over.

Thank you again for returning my e-mail and getting me set up for
installation so quickly. I am a member of the local twins club and we have a party next weekend. You can bet I’ll mention your business!

Anyway, you take care and thank you again!

Shelle B.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your services. Rodney and Justin did a tremendous job! They were knowledgeable, efficient and neat. Rodney made excellent recommendations, found some trouble spots I hadn’t thought of and even talked me out of a few items that really weren’t needed. It was obvious that what was most important to them was to make our home safe, not just to make a sale. I was so thrilled with their work that I called a friend as soon as they left to make sure she would call you too.

I can’t tell you the relief I feel in finally having our house child-proofed, and in our case it’s “twin-proofed,” so it’s double the relief! I just wish you did more than child-proofing. There are so few businesses left out there with your work ethic and integrity. Thank you!

Krista H

I tried to install my cabinet latches myself and ended up frustrated hours later. Boo Boo Busters fixed all my mistakes and pointed out several other hazards I had missed.

Kelly T.

I want to relax and spend time with my family on the weekend—installing latches and gates isn’t my idea of a good use of my very rare spare time. Boo Boo Busters childproofed my home in a matter of hours while we went to my son’s T-ball game.

James D

Kimberlee made me aware of some potential dangers I had overlooked in my home. Her wonderful service saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Chris A

I’m not ‘Mr. Fix It’ so I hired professionals to install the gates on our three stairwells. Keeping my kids safe is money well spent.

Brent H

“As a grandma of five, I needed to put up a few gates, pad the table edges and secure my poisonous cleaning supplies. Boo Boo Busters came in and proofed my home in a quick and professional manner. Now my grandkids can play and I’m worry free!

Karen J.

Okay ladies, I never thought I would ever get excited about babyproofing, but here I am getting excited about it.
My daughter is getting pretty mobile and seems to be on the verge of crawling so we decided we needed to babyproof.
Our staircase is pretty complicated and the banister is wrought iron. We also had challenges with our fireplace. I bought all kinds of kits and we started to get overwhelmed.
We have a friend of friend who does babyproofing, so we called for a consultation. I was a bit skeptical at first. Turns out, it was the best call we ever made and best money we spent.
Rodney came to our home the next day, did a quick estimate, seemed to be an expert. He came back a couple days later to do the work. He was done in just a couple of hours with the most professional looking job.He put up thick plexi-glass around the banister (you don’t even notice it), a gate at the top of our stairs, bolted down a tall bookshelf, put up a gate around our fireplace (that you can easily remove when needed) and secured a couple of cabinets in our kitchen. He also did a once over to see if there were any other things to watch out for.

Orange County

We got just got our home Boo Boo Busted for our 18 month old twin boys and feel a priceless sense of safety and security and while it doesn’t replace good parenting we are so grateful for the increased sense of protection! And Randall, both inspiring and informative, was a pleasure to have in our home for those few hours. Thanks Boo Boo Busters!

Quincy C

Dear Natalia and Boo Boo Busters Team,

Thank-you so much for repairing or better stated replacing the brackets on our gate you installed last Fall. Randall is a great technician, he represents your company in the best manner possible, very exacting in seeing the job is done correctly and that’s on top of being personable and a all-round great guy. We will highly recommend your company to others that want to provide a safe environment for their “little one’s” whenever the time presents itself. Thank-you again and Best regards to all….

Barbara H. & Randy G.