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We understand some of our customers have challenging areas in their home or simply just don’t know where to start or what to do? No problem. We can set up an in-home consultation to walk through your home with you to address your concerns, and also point out hazards and solutions.

We charge a consultation fee of $125.00 for the visit, $25 of which is credited back towards scheduled installation. The consultation takes an hour to an hour and a half. We provide you with a written estimate of both product and labor required to complete the job so you can childproof yourself using our blueprint or hire us to do it. Many folks have Boo Boo Busters do the heavy lifting (i.e. gates, latches, anchoring, Plexiglas on decorative stair railing, etc) and then save money by “DIYing” the easier to install items.

*** NOTE:All scheduled same-day installations include a FREE complete in-home consultation. We will inspect your whole home to make sure all child safety hazards and found, addressed with recommended solutions.